You have waited for a long time for your braces to finally come off. The big day arrives, your braces are removed and you reach for a mirror to take your first look at your brand new smile. And then you discover that your braces have left white spots on your teeth! This is perfectly normal and it is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, our dentists, Dr. Lindsey Marshall, can easily remove those spots so that your teeth will truly look their best, and you will be able to flash that winning grin with confidence.
At Signature Smiles of Cullman we use the Icon system to remove any spots left behind by your braces. The Icon system does not need a drill and does not require micro abrasion to give you the look you want! The process is non-invasive, painless and can be completed in just one easy visit to our office. With the Icon system, the white spot takes on the appearance of the surrounding tooth enamel, giving you a naturally healthy-looking smile that will turn heads and light any room!

If you are getting closer and closer to your big day, are concerned about your post-ortho appearance and want to keep white spots from spoiling your new smile, call us today at (256)531-9983 to learn more about Icon white spot removal in Cullman, Alabama.

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